We all get stuck. Stuck in a rut, stuck in a routine, stuck . . . just stuck.  It may be work related, family related, evenhobby related. And once you realize you are stuck, you wonder how to getun-stuck! Getting un-stuck is always harder than getting stuck.  Getting stuck happens over a long period oftime.  It happens so gradually you don’teven realize you are getting stuck.  Andthen when you realize you are stuck, sometimes you can’t figure out how to getun-stuck.  The reality is that we allknow how to get un-stuck, we just don’t want to go through the pain of gettingun-stuck. 

Everyone’s “stuck” is different.  It could be a habit like biting yourfingernails, or it could be doing the same thing every day that you don’t find fulfilling.     Whateverit is, it is going to take effort and pain to make a change if you want to getun-stuck. 

For me, the hardest part about being stuck and wanting toget un-stuck is always about the people around me.  Being able to communicate exactly what isstuck and figuring out what the options are to get un-stuck tends to leave thepeople around me, who didn’t know about being stuck in the first place,confused and even a bit scared since they were on the journey with me that leadto being stuck but had not yet realized that we were stuck!  So while I had time to think about the factthat we are stuck, and time to process that I no longer wanted to be stuck, thepeople around me may not have had that epiphany.   BUThaving had the epiphany, it doesn’t mean that I want to change the PEOPLE in mylife.  That is up to them.  If I am able to communicate what is stuck,the people in my life who are stuck with me will have to decide if they want toget un-stuck with me or not.

At this point, you may be thinking that you want me to quitusing the word stuck.  So I will switchto static and dynamic.  Life is dynamic.  It is the one constant we can count on –things will change.  Children will growup, stocks will go up and down, there will be sunny days and stormy ones, a/cunits will quit and cars may one day refuse to start.  Change is inevitable! When life is static,those changes can become disasters. If life is dynamic, they are part of thejourney.  Another problem to solve oranother bolder to move before your journey can continue.    So, as the seasons change from summer to autumnand the leaves begin to fall off the trees, I hope you can look back at thesummer and notice where you have come from and where you are.  And if you are stuck, I hope that you canrecognize it, communicate it and enjoy the journey to getting un-stuck.