RealEstate….what is it?  To buyers or sellers, it’s fulfilling their homedreams, to agents, it’s fulfilling their financial dreams and helping customersreach theirs, to administration (like myself) it’s a job….no really, itis. 

It’sa job full of lots and lots of paper, files, phone calls and emails.  It’sa job that you can do standing or sitting.  It’s a job that pays the billsand gives you a reason to get up in the morning.  It’s a job that can bementally exhausting and frustrating. 

So,what does the “job” of an admin have to do with Real Estate?  We are thebehind the scenes-take care of it as it happens-keep the flow going-machinesbehind the Agents.  We stand behind our agents and support them in any waywe can to help you the clients and customers have the best home buyingexperience!  We take on all clients as if they were our family.  We pride ourselves on efficiency andthoroughness.  The repetitive actions taken by an admin is never ending,but the backbone of our service.

Whenthere is a bump in the road, we don’t just smooth it over; we learn from it, wefind out why it happened and how to make it never happen again.  We workas a team and help each other out.  We praise each other and we celebratetogether, at the same time, if there is a project or problem to be handled, wetackle it as a team.

My“job” has become much more than I ever imagined it would be, and I credit thatall to my employer/friend, Suzie.  She has taught me not only the ins andouts of the real estate world, but has taught me how to treat people the way Iwould want to be treated, how to respond to them, how to foresee situationscoming and most importantly, how to better myself, my life and my “job”. Thank you, Suzie.

Whatis the definition of JOB:  a paid position of regular employment.  Ihave been employed by Suzie Townley and the Townley Homes Team since January2012.  I can tell you this, I did not believe at that time that I wouldstill be in this position today…It’s a job, and I’m so lucky to have it.  “A job is not just a job.  It’swho you are.” – Remy, Repo Men, 2010